See Rescue Junction on Father’s Day

An all day rain storm made it necessary to cancel Earl Fries’ performance last week.  Luckily blue skies and sunshine are the only forecast for in Lynn Russwurm’s Summer Concert Series tomorrow, so come on out to Gore Park tomorrow for Father’s Day.

By clicking on their name, you can see and hear Rescue Junction on their own website, but I don’t have any of my own pictures of the band (yet).

Lynn Russwurm on The Barn Dance (2014)

What I do have is this photo of my Dad performing on the Barn Dance this year, and I just can’t think of anything better to put on my Dad’s blog for Father’s Day. Except maybe this one:

Laura and Lynn Russwurm, & Lance Russwurm

Laura and Lynn Russwurm, “The Pine River Sweethearts,” with their first sweetlet, Lance Russwurm


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