Many Mansions

From the album Singing My Songs.

04 – Lynn Russwurm – Many Mansions (2m24s, 14.9 MBytes)

Many Mansions by Lynn Russwurm

They call him many mansions on the mountain;
Where many waters rush in cold dismay;
His rooms are never warm, there’s no shelter from the storm;
That follows on the heels of evil days.

But once upon a time he had a sweetheart;
The sun has never set on fairer maid;
But many mansions placed more value on the things he owned;
Till from the picture she began to fade.

The sun still shines upon old many mansions;
But many rooms are now in disarray;
The dust has gathered deep for this old house has gone to sleep;
The silent halls pervade the gloomy day.

But many mansions sits and counts his money;
As winter winds blow cold across the land;
There is no warmth inside the house where many mansions lives’
A frozen shell where once there was a man.

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