Play It Long And Lonesome

From the album Singing My Songs.

05 – Lynn Russwurm – Play It Long And Lonesome (2m27s 15.8 MBytes)

Play It Long And Lonesome by Lynn Russwurm

As the shadows overtake me now I’m pulling into Nashville;
For an early morning session at the Barn;
I’ve been fighting for control of my own mind and my emotions;
Since I left old Cincinnatti in a storm.

And I wonder if the sidemen on this session get the feeling;
Of the singer as he sings about the part;
Where she left him in the morning with a cold and empty feeling;
If they play it long and lonesome then I’ll sing it from the heart.

I just came in off the road and couldn’t wait to see my baby;
I’d been missing her for thirty days too long;
For the one-night stands play hell with love if you can’t take her with you;
And my baby couldn’t wait till I came home.


We may get a take in one if I can just convey my feelings;
To the pickers and singers on this song;
If the D.J.’s one of the nation read between the lines I’m singing;
Then we’ll have the biggest hit we’ve ever known.


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