Singing My Songs

Lynn Russwurm - Singing My Songs


Lynn Russwurm’s latest CD is Singing My Songs with 20 country music songs that Lynn has written over the last 60 years.

The CD was originally released under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Sharealike license (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0), which means that you can legally make copies of these songs, create new works with them, use them as soundtracks in movies, as long as you give credit to Lynn Russwurm, don’t use them for commercial purposes, and allow others to make use of your new work with the same same license.

Copyright Notice

All songs published solely by Lynn Russwurm are now released with a CC - BYCreative Commons Attribution Only license.

Authorized by the agents of the copyright holder, Shirley Russwurm — 7 September 2018

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Lynn Russwurm
Vocals, Standup & Electric Bass, High String Guitar

Bob Tremblay ~ Dobro, Flat Top Guitar

Doug Dietrich ~ Steel Guitar

Gerry Smith ~ Fiddle

Grant Heywood ~ Drums

Lance Russwurm ~ back up vocals

Guylaine Basque ~ back up vocals

"Singing My Songs" by Lynn Russwurm © 2012
All songs are by Lynn Russwurm, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License CC-BY-NC-SA
Cover Art, photographs & design by Laurel L. Russwurm released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Attribution Only

Eric Duerrstein ~ Engineer

Recorded and Mastered at DSP Studio Engineering
Liner notes & CD design, modern photographs by Laurel L. Russwurm
All other photographs from the Russwurm Collection, used with permission.

Rosedale Music

These sound files are in FLAC format, a free and lossless way of recording audio that preserves all the original quality of the CD. FLAC files can be played with many Free/Libre Open Source Software programs such as VLC media player.

01 – Lynn Russwurm – In The Dark of the Night (2m44s, 17.5 MBytes) (Lyrics)

02 – Lynn Russwurm – I Didn’t Plan It That Way (2m33s, 16.5 MBytes) (Lyrics)

03 – Lynn Russwurm – Lonesome Like Me (2m49s, 18.9 MBytes) (Lyrics)

04 – Lynn Russwurm – Many Mansions (2m24s, 14.9 MBytes) (Lyrics)

05 – Lynn Russwurm – Play It Long And Lonesome (2m27s 15.8 MBytes) (Lyrics)

06 – Lynn Russwurm – Yonder Goes the Man (2m27s, 16.5 MBytes)

07 – Lynn Russwurm – Destination Heartache (2m08s, 13.5 MBytes)

08 – Lynn Russwurm – The Girl In The Blue Flame Cafe (2m11s, 14.1 MBytes) (Lyrics)

09 – Lynn Russwurm – Wild Heart (3m00s, 18.8 MBytes)

10 – Lynn Russwurm – I’ll Appear On The Scene (1m59s, 12.7 MBytes)

11 – Lynn Russwurm – Foundation of Tears (2m32s, 15.8 MBytes)

12 – Lynn Russwurm – How Can You Talk To A Heartache (2m13s, 13.9 MBytes)

13 – Lynn Russwurm – One More Spring (2m49s, 16.9 MBytes)

14 – Lynn Russwurm – I Can’t Make Love To A Memory (2m16s, 14.6 MBytes)

15 – Lynn Russwurm – Twilight Is A Lonesome Time (2m21s, 14.5 MBytes)

16 – Lynn Russwurm – Mister Knowitall (1m54s, 11.8 MBytes)

17 – Lynn Russwurm – Lonesome for Jeanie (3m32s, 22.7 MBytes)

18 – Lynn Russwurm – Walking In The Shadows (2m20s, 14.5 MBytes)

19 – Lynn Russwurm – Fool, Thy Name Is Legion (2m12s, 13.4 MBytes)

20 – Lynn Russwurm – Across the River From Here (2m37s, 16.4 MBytes)